Below is a short list of resources/links that I find myself sharing with friends over and over because of how good they are. (I don’t get paid for having these here. I just really think other people will benefit from them!)

*A blog post that helped to heal my barren soul
*A book that has helped me heal on my journey.
*How can I know for sure that I’m saved?
*An excellent option for infertility care


A blog post that helped to heal my barren soul:

BarrentoBeautiful: How I Found Joy During Infertility

When I was at a very low and dark point in my journey, God’s grace allowed me to come across this post written by an incredibly beautiful and faith-filled woman. I resonated with her description of a barren soul that affects us far deeper than our physical bodies. And was searching for the soul-healing that only God can bring, to be truly joyful again without my circumstances changing.

After reading this blog by Rebekah, I began to find joy and freedom as I chose thankfulness toward God for the circumstances that He has allowed in my life. I cannot thank this woman enough for sharing her story, as God used it to encourage me at just the right time in my journey.


A book that has helped me heal on my journey:

Promises for Today & Hope for Tomorrow: Finding Light Beyond the Shadow of Miscarriage or Infant Loss
Hope for Today

During a time when I was needing a way to process my miscarriages, God brought me across this treasure of a book. The journal questions inside have been a huge aid to help me process and continue to work through not only my grief but also my relationship with God. I keep a stack of these books in my living room, to give out to anyone I know who has had a miscarriage.



How can I know for sure that I’m saved?

Is It Real? 11 Biblical Tests of Genuine Salvation

Is it realThis free online pamphlet outlines clearly what the Bible says about salvation, and gives solid truths to stand on when you’re grappling with the question of “Am I really saved?” It gives you the tools to have a confident “Yes” and to know what it looks like to have real faith. The first time I read this, I was very convicted. And I continue to re-visit it because of how encouraging these truths are to my heart.


An excellent option for infertility care:   NaPro Technology

I am currently seeing a NaPro doctor for my recurrent miscarriages, and so far have been extremely impressed and encouraged.
NaPro SolutionsNaPro Doctor
NaPro Technology is a nation-wide, evidence-based assessment and treatment method.
NaPro uses the Creighton Model, which is a super in-depth way to track and assess what your hormones and health are doing over the course of multiple months, and then from there you work with a certified NaPro doctor who can provide specific and comprehensive treatment.