Analogies & Poems

AcaciaTree croppedWhen I Don’t Know What To Believe Anymore
When life comes crashing down, we needed tangible proof of God’s Love. Woven into the Jewish tabernacle and the Acacia tree is such a clear picture of Jesus on the cross, with a whiplashed back and a crown of thorns…


The Master FIxerThe Master Fixer
The Master Fixer of broken lives,
The Ultimate Molder of everyday clay,
Holding galaxies safe in His hand,
The Mender of Hearts in just the right way…


299HWhen The Pain Doesn’t Make Sense
When this pain doesn’t make sense, I wonder if I’m looking at the wrong problem and the wrong ultimate goal. What if the deeper problem is that my roots are shallow, and I don’t have a way to find hope in God in the midst of difficulty?…


Edge of grass cropped darkened no mirrorHow Can I Survive the Fire?
The crackling fire sweeping through dried grass may burn out quickly, but ashes linger. And a scarred landscape tells of the fire’s destruction long after. But too often, I forget to remember what happens after the fire…

cookies-1372607_1920Put Down the Cookie Dough…
I’ve been there- crying for help, but too broken to say anything out loud…



When Bitterness Freezes Your Heart…
The world is draped in gothic ice daggers in the pre-dawn gloom, unmistakably changed by last night’s ice storm. Nature around me expresses a cold that pervades into the soul, and every brittle tree stands like a dark sentinel…

anchor-1400515_1280Unspoken Expectations…
We carry around these unspoken expectations like black anchors on our souls. What is it for you? Those secret, lurking lies that steal joy and breath without us fully realizing it?


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